Curt Schilling Rocks Like a Hurricane

1198002802(Boston mag contributor Dan Morrell loves cultural minutia, so when he stumbled upon this gem on eBay, he couldn’t help but share).

Yeah, we know Curt Schilling is a nerd. But in that sort of Peter Pan-ish, grown-man-playing-video games way, which has a certain charm to it.

But this eBay auction (which I already won, suckers) of a 1986 minor league program signed by Schill goes a long way to proving that his nerdery extends beyond the acceptable John Hodgman/Hiro Nakamura plane.

Here is an abbreviated list of Big Schill’s likes, circa 1986.

Favorite music: Scorpions. No other entries, nothing to take the edge off.

Favorite movies: Iron Eagle, Terminator. Patriotic, gun-loving fare perfect for forming nascent political inclinations into diehard conservatism.

Favorite TV Show: Miami Vice. Think Schilling dressed like Sonny Crockett back in the day?