Holiday Cheer Means Wearing a Red Sweater

1197993544Much like annual performances of A Christmas Carol, there are only so many ways a politician can do a holiday-themed campaign ad. Of course, each politician will have festive music playing, keep the mud-slinging to a minimum, and will try to avoid alienating Jewish voters. But when we saw Mike Huckabee’s new holiday campaign spot, we were irate. Not because of its heavy Christian message, but because he stole the whole concept from our boy Ron Paul.

When we read about Mike Huckabee’s message of good cheer, we got suspicious.

Wearing a red holiday sweater and sitting in front of a twinkling Christmas tree as a carol plays, the former Arkansas governor tells viewers they’re probably tired of political ads, so he just wants to remind them of what really matters during the holiday: friends, family, and “the celebration of the birth of Christ.”

How peculiar. Just last week Ron Paul sat in front of some bookshelves and wished us a Merry Christmas and “an absolutely great 2008.” He also wore a red shirt as his family sang “Deck the Halls.” Now we’ve got Huckabee in a red shirt, wishing us a Merry Christmas and “magnificent Christmas season” as a Casio keyboard version of “Silent Night” plays in the background.

We like our boy Paul’s ad best, and not only because we’re biased. Huckabee enthuses about the importance of family and friends at this time of year, but he’s shot alone. Ron Paul’s entire brood shows up to personally sing to us as they decorate a white tree. And Mrs. Paul made some pumpkin pie!

We’re on to you, Huckabee. If you launch a blimp anytime soon, we’re calling shenanigans.