Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1198009849Tomorrow we’ll see him at a stem cell research benefit: A photo of Mitt Romney at a 1994 Planned Parenthood event sounds exciting. You imagine him standing under a banner, waving a “Keep Your Laws Out Of My Body” bumper sticker proudly. In fact, it just looks like Romney’s making uncomfortable conversation with people he doesn’t really like. []

Sporting News has a man-crush: Patriots QB Tom Brady has been named Sportsman of the Year by the magazine, the first player to ever be named twice. He is pretty, isn’t he? [WBZ]

Bostonians love their Red Sox and their parking spaces: The comment thread on a shoveled space-saving poll is nearly 100 posts long, with vigorous debate about whether taking or saving a space makes is more obnoxious. While we may get maimed by the T, snowstorms make us happy we don’t have cars. [Universal Hub]

Survivor: PR Nightmares: While she was on Survivor: China, fourth-place finisher Denise Martin of Douglas told a sob story about getting demoted from lunch lady to janitor. Douglas school officials dispute her story, saying the move was actually a promotion. Let’s focus on the real issue here—why anyone cares about a show that jumped the shark years ago. [WCVB]