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1197984794What is it about racism that makes Massachusetts pols sob? Former House Speaker Tom Finneran testified before the Board of Bar Overseers yesterday, crying as he attempted to keep his law license after he lied under oath during a voter rights lawsuit. [Herald]

Less leaky, more absorbent: The Big Dig has only 650 leaks now, down from the several thousand it had a few years ago. We hope all those little Dutch boys get good benefits. [Globe]

Maybe the city should buy them all shovels: Mayor Tom Menino has called on Boston Public Schools superintendent Carol Johnson to investigate why 70 school bus drivers all called out sick or took personal days on Monday. [Herald]

Together we can adjust to reality: Gov. Deval Patrick may have to cut the tax rate for businesses in order to get the Legislature to agree to his plan to close corporate tax loopholes. Critics say closing loopholes will scare companies away. [Globe]