Good Thing We Bought Our Snowboots Before Christmas

1198183298Yesterday, we were a little nervous about the weather forecast for today. One of us has a commute involving a long drive and a long train ride, so we checked the weather. Forecasters were pretty dismissive of what today’s storm would mean for Boston, so much so that we didn’t start Watching the Weatherpeople.

Oh, what fools we were.

We just finally got outside, and it’s quite a bit messier than forecasters predicted yesterday. And things at Logan seem to be quite a nightmare.

Boston-bound planes from other cities had been holding up to an hour during much of the morning on orders from the Federal Aviation Administration. Logan officials said the de-icing of outbound planes had caused a bottleneck.

The T seems okay, with only a smattering of delays on Channel 5 predicts the storm will bring about 1-3 inches of snow to Boston, but areas north of the city can expect a little more.

All this and still no white Christmas? What a gyp.