Papelbon’s Dog Ate the Ball. No We Don’t Care Either

1193768308Sometimes at Boston Daily we just have to get a few things out of the way and clear the decks, if you will. Today is one of those days.

So, let’s deal with the matter of our crazy closer’s dog, and his appetitite for historic baseballs. If you haven’t heard, there was a reason no one could find the ball from the final out of the 2007 World Series.

That’s because it was in Jonathan Papelbon’s dog’s stomach. Better the canine than Mientkewicz, we guess. Anyone think Shaughnessy will rip the dog? People can talk all they want about how 2007 was different than 2004, and on that we do agree. While it might not have been as emotional, life-altering, or lucrative for all those involved, at least we don’t have a ball controversy.

Next up: The lying lunch lady on Survivor. No, not really.