Schilling Speaks (and Speaks)

1194360809We’ve been avoiding this one because, well, everyone else has given Curt Schilling’s post on 38 Pitches about the Mitchell Report an enormous amount of play already. (Have you actually read Schilling’s post? It’s about half as long as the Mitchell Report itself.)

But since we had a little fun with Schilling earlier in the week (Scorpions!), we figured why not have some more, so here goes: We kind of agree with him.

As an ex-member of the baseball writers clique, I can tell you without equivocation that baseball writers constantly bitch and moan about players not expressing an opinion. Until they do. And then we bitch and moan about players expressing an opinion. How dare they! Silly ballplayers. And so on. Those that are bashing Schilling for having his say should remember that.

Anyway, here’s the point that resonates.

People wanting to point to his apparent ‘extreme bias’ based on his position as a senior member of the Red Sox organization are on a wild goose chase. I would argue that most of the people calling his character into question are doing so because they can’t relate to someone possessing integrity and an unbiased opinion in his position.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. There isn’t a story we write, or a blog entry we post, when someone doesn’t say, we must have a bias about something. American Idol fans, Ron Paul voters, Yankees fans, etc., etc.

As much as we can’t, and don’t, refute every single conspiratorial claim, we think Schilling is on to something here.

You can accept the findings of the Mitchell Report based on the evidence, which to us seems circumstantial, or not. You can argue (fairly) that Major League Baseball put Mitchell in an untenable position because of his ties to the Red Sox. But to dismiss, out of hand, any idea or opinion, because it doesn’t jive with your particular ideology is a useless exercise.

So here’s to Curt Schilling, you McCain-loving, bloody-sock-wearing, Scorpion-adoring blogger. We may not always agree, but we love that you have something to say.