Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1198175224If only those fire hoses had been figurative as well: On several occasions, Mitt Romney has stated his father George Romney marched with Martin Luther King Jr. After the Phoenix proves that never happened, Romney’s campaign spokesman says he was “speaking figuratively.” [Phoenix, Universal Hub]

Chuck Turner grabs a shovel: After yesterday’s revelation that he didn’t clear his sidewalk, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner was spotted clearing his sidewalks. Those suspicious yellow marks in his front yard must have changed his tune pretty fast. [WBZ]

Or maybe he read this story: Two people in northern Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts were killed after being forced to walk in streets due to snowy sidewalks. People, just pay a kid $20 to do it if you can’t be bothered. [Providence Journal]

Next thing you know everyone will have the rickets: Mumps, the old-timey disease we once mocked, is making a comeback in Maine’s college students. Somebody develop a snappy ad campaign for the CW—those kids won’t share their spit so much when they see a graphic depiction of complications like “inflammation of the testes, brain swelling, meningitis, and sterility.” [Globe]