The Herald *Hearts* John McCain

1198252252Yesterday, we noticed that the Herald was a little bit star-struck by Republican presidential candidate John McCain. He took time out of his campaigning to stop by the offices to chat up the tabloid’s staff. It seems the face-time paid off, since the Herald endorsed McCain for president today.

Columnist Margery Eagan was especially smitten with the Arizona senator.

Just moments into yesterday’s low-key question and answer session (reporters asked, he actually answered), you could understand the Straight Talk rebound. John McCain is neither electric, telegenic, young, fresh, nor gifted like Obama, who’s got them swooning. But McCain remains, when you actually listen to the man, uniquely wise, direct and authentic.

We love it when a man answers our questions directly too, Margery. But despite the candidate’s love of ribs, we don’t know if we’d be willing to endorse only him when there are several appealing Democratic candidates.

. . . [T]his newspaper too will break with its decades-old tradition of endorsing candidates in both the Republican and Democratic primaries. In doing so we also address our words particularly to those millions of independent voters here, in New Hampshire and around the nation who can choose to cast their ballot in either party primary.

Huh. Albert “Dapper” O’Neil brought Boston’s papers together, and John McCain will help keep the good feelings going. All this harmony is freaking us out.