Tom Brady’s Charmed Year Continues

1190301653Sports Illustrated can give its Sportsman of the Year to Brett Favre based on the sentimentality of Baby Boomers if they wish, but the Associated Press cares not for emotion. Cold hard facts are all that interests the AP, and so when it was time for the news organization to bestow its Male Athlete of the Year award, all it had to do was pick the best athlete.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Brady is your winner.

From the AP account:

Yes, he is the superstar quarterback with the golden arm and the sharp football mind. Yes, he is in position to break Peyton Manning’s single season record of 49 touchdown passes. And yes, he is the main reason the New England Patriots are challenging the 1972 Miami Dolphins’ status as the only team to go undefeated for an entire Super Bowl season.

After building up his stats, it then goes on to say, in that time-honored sports writer tradition, how unselfish and team-oriented he is. Which, by all accounts, he is.

Brady beat Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, with Barry Bonds (?) in fourth, and Peyton Manning and Josh Beckett tied for fifth.