The Giants Burn While the Pats Fiddle

1195486247Last week the Patriots now famously donned pads and beat the hell out of each other at practice in preparation for the 1-14 Dolphins. This week, Bill Belichick has elected to go easy on his charges before traveling to the swamps of New Jersey to take on the Giants.

The G-Men, meanwhile, have been engaged in their usual soap opera antics and had been expected to rest their starters, what with a wild card game on tap for the following weekend. Not so fast. The dictatorial Tom Coughlin has decided, against all rational thought, to go for broke against the Pats. Huh?

It would be foolish to question Belichick’s methods at this point in the season, and it does make sense to lighten up. It’s a short week, he made his point before the Dolphins game, and as Heath Evans pointed out in the Herald, the Giants are a physical team, so why leave it all on the practice field?

Then there are the Giants. Plaxico Burress has been banged up all year. Eli Manning has been mentally abused. The defense has suffered injury after injury, to the point where they were lining up two rookie safeties last week. They finally got some positive momentum out of their win in Buffalo, so why wreck that by loading up against the Pats and potentially getting crushed?

Because Coughlin can’t help himself. The Giants have nothing to gain (outside of pride) and everything to lose (as in players). We’re reminded all the time that Belichick and the Patriots are smarter than everyone else. That’s not exactly true. They’re just not dumb.