Mitt Romney’s After-Christmas Sale

1199114298In the midst of our holiday shopping, we noticed Mitt Romney’s campaign was offering an array of gifts for the special conservatives in our life. The packages consisted of Ann Romney’s holiday recipes and an ornament, but we were really tempted to shell out $250 to get a personalized voicemail message from the candidate himself.

And much like the store where you bought that cashmere sweater for your sister that’s now half-price, the Romney campaign is having a post-holiday sale.

The price tag on a personalized voice mail message has dropped considerably, with the campaign only asking $25 to have Mitt Romney greet your friends and business associates. But the real bargain is the prerecorded messages you can leave for your loved ones.

Now you can send personalized messages from the former governor to your friends from the campaign web site. We’re thrilled Mitt got hip to the technology in time for some drunken New Year’s Eve antics. Think how funny it will be to see that Ron Paul supporter you’re drinking with turn red in the face as Romney prattles on about reducing the size of the federal government.