A Baby by Any Other Name

1199289405We here at Boston Daily love babies, mainly because we don’t have any of our own and can return them to their parents when they start crying or developing rashes. While we may not have our own offspring, we have plenty of opinions about parenting, beginning with the time-honored struggle to properly name an infant. And we’re kind of upset that you sports-crazed baby-makers haven’t reflected our great sports fortune in the names of your children.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health released a list of the most popular names of Bay State babies in 2007, and the results are pretty disappointing. Ryan was the most popular boy’s name, and Ava the most popular name for girls. While we salute a return to traditional names, we found something was missing.

After such a banner year in sports, how could Brady not be in the top 5? Jacoby didn’t make the list (though the more typical Jacob came in at number 5). Even the resurgent Celtics could register enough sway with bandwagon fans to bump up the name Kevin.

Come on, spawning sports fans. We expect better of you. Next year, we want to see Brady, Randy, Kevin, Beckett, and Jacoby at the top of the baby names list. We know you’ve got the little bundle of joy swaddled in Sox and Pats gear, so go all the way and give your baby the name he or she deserves.