Gov. Patrick to Caucus at Uno’s

1199395171When any sort of election results start to come in, we hole up in our apartment, flip between the cable news networks, and crack open a beer as the pundits go crazy. When the victors are announced, we love to watch the expressions on the faces of the losers as they realize their dream just got a whole lot harder to achieve.

But it seems Gov. Deval Patrick doesn’t want to be alone during this trying time for his BFF Barack Obama, and will gather with supporters of the Illinois senator in Harvard Square tonight.

Don’t go looking to catch the Bruins game at Uno’s tonight because a bunch of starry-eyed liberals are going to have the Situation Room on the big screen.

But things will really get interesting this weekend when both Gov. Patrick and House Speaker Sal DiMasi will be in New Hampshire stumping for Obama and Hillary Clinton, respectively. We can only imagine if they run into each other at some diner, staring each other down like feuding teenage girls. Awkward.