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1199367052The governor’s New Year’s Resolution must have been to stop being bullied: Gov. Deval Patrick may pressure the Legislature into considering his casino proposal more seriously by writing $800 million of casino revenue into next year’s budget. The Legislature promises to make life miserable for the governor if he tries it. [Globe]

At least Little Joe didn’t kill anyone: The president of Zoo New England assures patrons of the Franklin Park Zoo that the tigers won’t escape their cage, like a tiger in San Francisco did on Christmas. [Herald]

It is all in the buzzer: State House aide Dan Pawson has been tearing it up on Jeopardy!, winning over $100,000 so far. He tells the Globe he’s done so well by ringing in just as Alex Trebek finishes his questions. [Globe]

Forget buying cheap. Soon you may not be able to buy at all: The Massachusetts Mortgage Association has sounded the alarm after Attorney General Martha Coakley’s strict new rules for how brokers are paid took effect. Several companies have announced they will leave the market, but much like Tom Petty, Coakley says she won’t back down. [Herald]