48 Hours of Freedom

It’s the weekend. You can spend it refreshing Google News to get the latest poll numbers for New Hampshire, or you can just turn off the computer and enjoy it. Here are some suggestions for your precious two days of total freedom, prepared for you by Boston Daily.

1199465677 While New England may be historic, it’s also miserable to be here during the winter months. Tonight’s Historic New England Gala understands this, and offers several trips to warmer climates as part of its auction tonight. Proceeds benefit the organization’s educational programs.

If you don’t want to contend with the airport, you can always get away for an evening. Friday Night Salsa gives you the opportunity to learn some sexy dance moves and practice them with more experienced dancers later in the night.

That’s funny. Every time we tried to start a debate with our teachers we were told to leave the classroom. Third begins its run tonight.

It may be cold now, but your spring or summer wedding is coming up fast. Best of Boston 2007 winner Ana Hernandez sends her models down the runway at Bridesbash. If you’ve already got your dress, almost every other conceivable service you’ll need for your big day will also be there to help you out.

One of the best things about the weekend is not having to get dressed immediately after getting out of bed. Prolong the magic at the Pajama Brunch at Tremont 647.

If you didn’t find the answers you needed at Bridesbash, there’s always the Original Wedding Expo. An array of wedding vendors will be there to help brides who are just starting out and those who need something more last-minute.

We’d guess the odds they discuss their regrets about unleashing the atom bomb on the world are pretty good. Copenhagen is the dramatization of the meeting of Werner Heisenberg and Niels Bohr as they worked on creating the bomb.

It’s the last weekend for Design Life Now, the ICA’s exhibit on why some of our favorite everyday items look they way they do.

Since the hot stove is relatively cool right now, we expect that the acts at tonight’s Hot Stove, Cool Music should be able to pay attention to their performances without worrying about Jacoby Ellsbury. Hosted by Mike O’Malley, the evening features performances from some of Boston’s favorite local musicians, as well as Peter Gammons and Theo Epstein. If Theo makes like Gwen Stefani and brings his baby to his show, we just might die from an Epstein cute overload.

Parents who want to punish your children, take note—the Boston Bruins Wives’ Charity Carnival features appearances by the team, Blades the mascot, and locker room tours. After one whiff of the stale sweat smell of a hockey player will have more effect than grounding your kid for a week.

We know that Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket. Stop the pain and get the most for your dollar at the same time at Moxie’s sale. The Charles Street shop has taken up to 50 percent off its array of designer shoes and bags.

Another long-running exhibit at a local museum wraps up this weekend. Origami Now! gives a deeper look into the art of paper-folding and its impact on medicine and mathematics.

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