A Real Boston Church Scandal

Roger Clemens wasn’t the only one using 60 Minutes as his private confessional last night. Boston mag contributor Dan Morrell watched the interview with John Martorano and filed this report.

So I was watching the John Martorano interview on 60 Minutes last night, because watching Mitt become the Brian Scalabrine of the GOP field is only fun once a week. Martorano, as you all remember, was an assassin associated with the Winter Hill Gang.

The interview peg: He’s out after just 12 years even though he killed at least 20 people. He’s real quiet, very subdued throughout the interview—a media appearance not everyone was psyched about, by the way. Few glimpses into his personality, emotions, etc. But then Steve Croft starts asking him about religion towards the end, making way for this winner:

At one point, maybe a couple years ago, I sent for a priest and gave him a confession. It was maybe 30 years since my last confession. But I went through the whole scenario with him, and went through my whole life with him, and confessed. And at the end of it, he says, ‘Well, what do you think I should give you for penance? I says, ‘Father, you can justifiably crucify me.’ He laughed and says, ‘Nope. Ten Hail Marys, ten Our Fathers, and don’t do it again.’ So I listened to him.

Fantastic. The exact same penance I got in 4th grade for taking the Lord’s name in vain.