Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1199732652Oh God, what are we going to wear? A newly invigorated, or newly troubled, Barack Obama will come to Boston on Wednesday to host a $500-per-plate lunch at the State Room. We’d pay anything to be near that dreamboat. Sigh. []

Those free Huggies probably weren’t worth it: The father of the first baby born in Rhode Island in 2008 faces deportation after Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents picked him up after seeing him on television. Another illegal immigrant who lived with him was also arrested, and a third immigrant in the apartment committed suicide after the agents showed up. [WCVB]

Niki Tsongas goes to war: The freshman Representative will visit Iraq and Afghanistan starting tomorrow. But how will she keep up with the presidential primaries from the Middle East? []

How hammered was she? A woman who was asked to leave Hurricane O’Reilly’s on Saturday night objected, ran back into the bar, and allegedly punched a cop in the face when he came back in to get her. Always a bad call. [, second item]