Fun In New Hampshire (for Us, at Least)

1199804409One person we know, someone who shall remain tall and nameless (hint: rhymes with Kaul Pix), says he doesn’t like the “horse race,” that watching and tracking the rise and fall of candidates doesn’t appeal to him. (Even though that same person recently took note of who’s stumping for whom, and how it might affect primary voters.) It was all needless misdirection on the part of tall-and-nameless. As well as shameless disingenuousness, frankly.

The truth about Boston Daily? We love this stuff. We’re even throwing a New Hampshire Primary party tonight at one of the hottest locations in Boston. (No, you’re not invited.) We’re going to totally rock out.

If the polls are to be believed, though, frontrunner Mitt Romney won’t be enjoying himself nearly as much.

The first votes in New Hampshire were tallied early this morning. In keeping with tradition, the town of Dixville Notch (population 75…seriously) voted shortly after midnight, as did Hart’s Location (population 42…not making this up).

People [in Dixville Notch] favored Sen. John McCain in the Republican primary — he got four votes — and Sen. Barack Obama in the Democratic contest, who won seven votes.

McCain and Obama also won in midnight voting in Hart’s Location. The two senators hope to see those results duplicated statewide by the time all the votes are cast.

It’s a landslide!

Meanwhile, the latest polls heading into today’s primary had McCain leading Romney by anywhere from 4 to 6 points. Speaking of, here’s a fun little fact for you: No Massachusetts politician has ever lost an open primary in New Hampshire (Teddy K fell to Jimmy Carter in 1980, but Kennedy was challenging a sitting president in his own party). Even Henry Cabot Lodge managed to win New Hampshire in 1964 on a write-in vote.

Which means that if Romney loses tonight, he will have spent a literal fortune in order to make the wrong kind of history. Bet he’s thrilled.

With that in mind, here are Boston Daily’s picks for tonight’s primary. Remember: Don’t try this at home. We’re experts. (Disclaimer: experts = spending at least 35 seconds each thinking about the outcome.)


GOP: McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson


GOP: McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Paul

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson


GOP: McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Richardson


GOP: McCain, Romney, 9iu11iani, Huckabee

Dems: Obama, Clinton, Edward, Kucinich


GOP: McCain, Huckabee, Romney, The Atrophied Brain of Ronald Reagan

Dems: Obama, Edwards, Clinton, The Dean Scream