Not the Best Image for Romney

1199801247 Good morning, governor. Congratulations on your win in Wyoming. That must have felt pretty good, even if nobody knew there was even a caucus there until you won.

The reason we’re writing is to talk about something we saw on your website this morning. We only want the best for you, after all, but you’ve decided to link yourself to an iconic national landmark—The Old Man of the Mountain.

True, the image still appears on New Hampshire license plates and in tourist shops all across the Granite State, and we hate to be the ones to tell you this, but the Old Man of the Mountain no longer exists. It, uh, collapsed.

Now, we’re not campaign consultants, but we wouldn’t want our faltering campaign associated with a landmark that no amount of money or attempts at preservation could save. Perhaps a handsome shot of the rugged White Mountains would be a little more appropriate, given your poll numbers.