Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1199817832Howie Carr proudly parades around with his lover’s lipstick on his collar: WRKO’s indentured servant has been seen in New Hampshire wearing a WTKK button. Guess that’s payback for “Virtual Howie.” [the scotto bloggo via Universal Hub]

Nothing downplays your criminal past like a tattoo on your head: A Laconia, New Hampshire ex-con plans to get a replica of Tom Brady’s helmet tattooed on his scalp. He already has one flying Elvis on his cranium, and plans to get the Lombardi trophy added if the team wins the Super Bowl. The expression on his nephew’s face in the accompanying picture speaks for us all. [Citizen of Laconia via Bostonist]

That’s the power of love: A Barack Obama supporter was overwhelmed by the Democratic frontrunner’s hotness and actually swooned at a campaign event this morning. Obama probably didn’t help matters when he handed the person his own personal water bottle. Drinking your backwash is almost like kissing you, Senator. [WBZ]

It’s a step up from Uno’s: Gov. Deval Patrick will stand by his man. Patrick will be by Obama’s side tonight as the results of the primary come in. It’s the second-coolest place in New England to watch the primary results come in. [NECN]