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1199798540It’s on! At long last, primary day is here. Two small towns in northern New Hampshire have already voted, and Barack Obama and John McCain are the winners. In one town, Mitt Romney polled lower than McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. It’s gonna be a long day for the Mittster. [Herald]

Not to mention the weather sucks: The decreasing value of the dollar and the Congress’s unwillingness to pass an immigration bill that would have allowed them to bid for permanent residency has sent many Brazilians in Massachusetts back home. [Globe]

You know all that change the presidential candidates are talking about? You’d better start saving it: A slew of economic experts say that the odds of a recession are growing, with one economist saying a slowdown is “more likely than not.” [Herald]

Next time we’re critically ill, we’ll just stay home: Two local hospitals have reminded staff to wash their hands after a stomach bug made patients and staff miserable. [Globe]