And the Winner Is. . .

1199479007The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. Both were evident in spades at last night’s BoMag primary viewing party. We’ve got six long days before our favorite cast of characters rents a function hall in Michigan and waits for the results, so we’ve decided to look back on New Hampshire for one last time to see which staffer most accurately predicted the winners of the first primary.

If you don’t remember them from the Iowa causes, the rules are simple. We award 10 points for correctly naming the winner, 5 for second, 3 for third, and 1 measly point for fourth place. The prize? The right to gloat and proclaim themselves the smartest in all of 300 Massachusetts Ave.

In last place is Kix with 10 points. He may have gotten giggles for his creative last-place finishes, but he doesn’t get any points. Much like the rest of us who got nothing for hopping aboard the Obama Express.

Tied for second are Keohane, Flannery, and Derjue with 19 points each. We overestimated the appeal of Rudy Giuliani to the New Hampshire voters. Seriously, what’s with Huckabee in third?

And our winner for this week’s contest is Gonzalez, who won by accurately predicting the top four Republican finishers to get 23 points. Whatever. We’re pretty sure we’ve got more delegates than he does, or something. But just to be sure, we’ll pick again for the Michigan primaries, mainly because Gonz will be insufferable until we best him.