Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1199909596But isn’t that exactly what a plant would say? Marianne Pernold, best known as the woman who made Hillary Clinton cry, voted for Barack Obama. She wanted to say so on the record to stop rumors that she was a Clinton campaign plant. [WBZ]

Glad we didn’t try to crash that party: While we were at Mitt Romney’s Boston fundraiser, Gov. Deval Patrick was across town fielding questions for his pal Barack Obama. As you can imagine, he said there’s a long way to go, only two states have voted, etc., etc.. []

Presidential hopefuls aren’t the only ones raising money: The Boston Archdiocese raised $500,000 above its goal for 2007, bringing it’s total annual funds closer to pre-sexual abuse crisis levels. [WCVB]

Geek love: In a bid to stay relevant, the New England Confectionery Company went for a weather theme for its famous Valentine’s Day Sweethearts. Nothing says love like candies endorsed by renowned sex god Mike Wankum. [WCVB]