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So. Nothing very interesting happened in the primaries last night, right? In a shock to pundits, pollsters, and us, New York senator Hillary Clinton came back from her projected double-digit loss to beat Illinois senator Barack Obama by three points. [Globe]

But at least some things remain constant: Former governor Mitt Romney was beaten by John McCain by five points. Despite a grim outlook for Michigan, where the Romney name is much-loved, his campaign will go on. [Herald]

What are we, France? In a scenario that’s sure to give us nightmares, a strike by Amtrak employees could wreak havoc on local highways and the subway system, especially south of the city. You know things would be horrific if the MBTA is telling us not to expect great service in the event of a strike. [Globe]

Home sweet underpriced home: Boston Federal Reserve president Eric Rosengren predicts that housing prices may continue to plunge. Great. [Herald]