Brady Burger Bests Huckaburger

1199988728Now that we’ve got a lull in the presidential primaries, we can start to focus on the important things. The Patriots’ first playoff game is only a couple of days away, but it feels like an eternity. To get your strength up for the big game, UBurger has created tribute burgers to honor of the undefeated Pats.

Man, we’re hungry.

The Patriots burger is red, white and blue, as it’s garnished with blue cheese, red peppers and white onions.

We’re fine with the blue cheese and onions, but we’re not big fans of peppers on burgers. Wouldn’t a tomato have sufficed?

The Brady burger “has it all” just like the star quarterback, including two meat patties, four slabs of bacon and several slabs of cheese.

This is the one we’d order. Not because we love the idea of our hearts stopping midway through the third quarter, but because it’s the one time we’ll be able to tell our friends we got near Tom Brady’s meat.

Um, moving on.

[T]here’s the Belichick burger, topped with pickles and special sauce. The restaurant says that, just like the winning coach, it “gets the job done.”

Pickles are also kind of sour, just like the coach himself.

We’re happy to see that at least one local restaurant can create delicious themed burgers. The unfortunate sounding Huck-a-burger still has us deeply disturbed.