For the Little Liberals in Your Life

1200077790We here at Boston Daily have had a lifelong love affair with reading. It began when our parents would read us Harry the Dirty Dog or The Cat in the Hat. Joining the ranks of these revered children’s classics is Why Mommy is a Democrat and Why Daddy is a Democrat.

Yes, Massachusetts, you can teach your children to embrace liberalism before they can even read. According to the author’s website, the books have been endorsed by Air America Radio and panned by Rush Limbaugh—so you know they’re good for the kid you’re grooming for marriage into the Kennedy family.

Let’s hear the explanation of what the book is about.

Using plain and non-judgmental language, along with warm and whimsical illustrations, these colorful 28-page paperbacks depict the Democratic principles of fairness, tolerance, peace, equality, and concern for the well-being of others.

1200077962We’re not so sure the books teach tolerance. Check out this page of Why Mommy is a Democrat. What is Mommy hiding her liberal brood from? An elephant.

This is why the Democrats haven’t been able to end the war in Iraq. All the liberal mother is doing is hiding her kids from the Republican mascot. What she should be doing is schooling her offspring how to stand up and fight.

We certainly appreciate the author’s sentiment that he wants children to grow up with an understanding of politics, but we like our liberal-leaning children’s books a little less obvious. For our veiled lessons on environmental responsibility and tolerance, we’ll take The Lorax and The Sneetches.