If We Ignore Him, He’ll Go Away

1200063354Struggling artists are a lot like recalcitrant children—if you pay attention to their negative behavior, they’ll learn to keep misbehaving. Boston City Council President Maureen Feeney is the frustrated parent to Peter Berdovsky, one of the men who sparked last year’s terrorism scare by installing LED displays under bridges and overpasses. Shockingly, Berdovsky is looking to make a buck from his infamy. And Boston Daily is the Supernanny to this dysfunctional relationship.

Councilor Feeney wants to send Berdovsky to his room and not give him his allowance.

“He continues to poke a finger in the eye of the people of Boston,” said Feeney.

Feeney, who said she’s still offended by the Jan. 31 cartoonish caper that cost $2 million, said the city should “share in the profits” of any sales.

We don’t contest that Berdovsky is an ill-behaved brat with bad hair, but the city has got to stop engaging with these kids. By bringing up the year-old publicity stunt, it just reminds the rest of the world how stupid we were for freaking out about some modern-day Lite-Brites that were there for weeks before anybody noticed them.

Look how happy this kid is to get the negative attention from the councilor.

“I view media attention as useful to my potential success as an artist. . . I think, regardless of what I do, it’s part of the cultural consciousness of the United States,” he told AP.

Oh please. You got paid $300 by a huge corporation to do advertising for them. You sold out.

The city should just ignore the kid when he throws his artistic temper-tantrum. It’s not like he’s going to make a fortune off whatever crappy video he edited together. It’s time to let the Aqua Teen Hunger Force terror scare go, and that means ignoring the little jackass who installed the devices. Now, go to your room!