Paris Hilton Does Harvard

1200328070When one thinks of Paris Hilton, one doesn’t usually associate her with intelligence. For example, we tend to think of sex tapes, reality shows, and poor fashion choices. But times may be changing for the heiress America can’t stop watching. She’ll soon be accepting an award from Harvard University.

Yes, the one in Cambridge.

Harvard’s long-running satire magazine, The Harvard Lampoon, has named Hilton its 2008 woman of the year. We’re assuming the award is to recognize the fodder she gave late-night talk show hosts during her in-and-out jail time last year. The publication has a history of naming celebrities as honorary members, but the majority of them were actually comedians. Or Regina Spektor.

Hilton will be in town on February 6th to accept her award. We expect it will be like Legally Blonde, only dumber and with more cleavage. And we can’t wait to see it.