The Ron Paul Conspiracy Gets Nasty

1200329048We love the Campaign Notebook column in the Globe. It’s a quick way to catch up on the day’s political news, but today’s column had a blurb from the Los Angeles Times that completely reams out Ron Paul supporters.

It’s an unusual amount of vitriol in such a little column, and frankly a little vindictive.

The media that the Paul camp loves to hate were right about Ron Paul. He was a long shot. He misfired again. And he got pretty much the same share of New Hampshire GOP votes as the polls indicated all along.

Well of course he didn’t do well in New Hampshire. FOX News kept him out of the last debate before the primaries. If he’d been able to participate in the fairly tame debate, he might have pulled double-digits in the Granite State. Instead, his supporters were left to watch Mike Huckabee eat hamburgers.

Go ahead and preach, Los Angeles Times. You’re only going to make the 9 percent of people who love Ron Paul stronger. Trust us on this one.