Weather Report: Not Too Bad

1197655122After a weekend of drinking celebratory beers, we here at Boston Daily decided to brave the elements and head to the gym as our penance. We expected to get stuck in a snowbank and be pecked apart by falcons, but we had no problems on our short walk. There are some pretty cold slush puddles, but nothing that should prohibit travel very much.

You hear that, kids? You’re going to have school tomorrow.

While things are fine in our neighborhood, it isn’t entirely smooth sailing. Channel 5 reports that 43,000 people in Massachusetts are without power due to the heavy snow snapping trees and power lines.

Things are going fairly well on the MBTA, with only a few tree-related delays on the subway and commuter rails. Due to the depleted number of commuters, officials say plows have been able to treat the roads and the evening commute shouldn’t be too bad. There are still delayed and canceled flights at Logan, but far less than when the snow was falling this morning.

For those of you stuck at work, sipping Swiss Miss and looking wistfully out the window, here are some pictures of kids playing in the snow. Aww.