We’ll Be Here All Day; We Have No Choice

1200323442One of the things we miss most about being kids is snow days. Because the yellow chariots that brought us to school had a hard time in the snow, we got to luxuriate in front of the TV until our parents made us go outside to shovel them out. Now the best we can hope for is an early dismissal from work.

But today we don’t even have that. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has said that we should all stay put until the end of the day.


Spokesman Peter Judge said those who do leave early risk becoming part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Yes, but by staying away from our homes all day, we have another problem. We’re missing out on all the great snow-related television journalism happening.

For instance, WBZ sent noted snow reporter Dan Robichaud out to some godforsaken rest stop on the Pike to talk about how sticky the snow is, and to film stranded drivers. As a bonus, he found a trucker named Steve and his dog, Stubby. Stubby went to town on Robichaud’s microphone as nearly-toothless Steve talked about road conditions.

We could have caught that live, but MEMA is being cruel and making us stay in the office until closing time. Just like our parents forcing us outside to shovel on a snow day.