A Public Service Announcement From Boston Daily

For weeks, we’ve been bombarding you with posts about this year’s election cycle. If you’ve watched any local TV stations, you probably heard secretary of state Bill Galvin nagging you to not leave the election to special interests and (paraphrasing here) to get your asses out and vote.

We pick up where the good secretary left off to inform you that today is the last day for you to register to vote in the Massachusetts presidential primary.

Normally, the Massachusetts primary isn’t a huge deal because it’s held so late in the election cycle that the majority of the once-viable candidates have dropped out by the time we get a say.

But this year our primary has moved up to Super-Duper-Tsunami-Whatever Disaster Tuesday. Pair that with unusually open races in both parties and you’ve got a reason to perform your civic duty.

So make your parents proud and vote. Not only can you take pride in being a responsible citizen, but you’ll have an excuse to show up late, or leave work early on February 5. Everybody wins! (Except Dennis Kucinich, that is.)