Randy Moss Accused of Battery

1200504968Like the Pats, we prepared a gameplan for this week’s football-related news. We would continue to wait for someone in San Diego to mouth off and inspire an apocalyptic ass-kicking at the hands of Tom Brady and his professional BFF Randy Moss. We’d even instigate some Colts fans to bide our time. It would be eventful in only a smack-talking way.

And then this happened.

A temporary restraining order has been issued against Patriots receiver Randy Moss, after a Florida woman alleged he beat her and then refused to allow her to seek medical attention on Jan. 6, according to court documents.

The details are still a little sketchy, but the Florida woman claims she’s had an “intimate relationship” with Moss for over a decade, and that he battered her in her home and refused to let her get medical treatment on January 6.

Moss maintains he’s innocent.

All I know is that it’s a friend of mine, a young lady, it was an accident where she hurt herself, to where they called me, called my attorneys, trying to get X amount of dollars out of me, and if ‘we don’t get X amount of dollars’ they were going to go to the press before this game.

Moss has a battery conviction from high school (one that did not involve a woman), and has been involved in several high-profile, and well-documented, incidents, although none this serious. We’ll keep you posted on developments as they happen.