Randy Moss Update

As the afternoon goes on, the attention surrounding the allegations that Randy Moss battered a woman in Florida earlier this month continue to grow. It will take a while for this to all get sorted out, but there is plenty of material available on the internet to keep you up-to-date on the situation.

Mike Reiss at the Globe helpfully provides a transcript of what Moss told reporters this afternoon. Despite his earlier assertion he wouldn’t answer questions, he did stick around to provide a vague idea of his side of the story. While he wouldn’t give specifics on the incident, he did make it clear that he didn’t hit the woman.

It’s really hard for me to sit up here and say that I’m innocent. Battery — I didn’t hit no woman. I’ve never laid my hands on a woman.

If you want to see the conference with your own eyes, NECN has the video.

The Smoking Gun has a copy of the temporary restraining order petition from the woman in Florida. In it, she says Moss has guns and that she feared he would retaliate for her seeking medical attention.