The Last Word

Your long day of corporate drudgery is over. Get out and enjoy the city! Here are a few ideas to get you started, lovingly picked by Boston Daily.

Choosing between a couple of good Cabernets would be like choosing between our children (if we had any). Luckily, we don’t imagine any Sophie’s Choice moments at tonight’s Battle of the Cabernets, which features a blind taste test accompanied with fine food.

If you are unlike us and want a baby of your own, head to Finale tonight. No, not for some emotional eating, but for Fertility @ Finale. The event brings together fertility experts to answer all your conception questions.

Sometimes when we climb a particularly steep hill in Somerville, we feel like mountaineers. Watch us get the wind taken out of our sails as noted mountain climber Doug Scott gives an illustrated lecture about his Everest climb.

Man, we love some kooky Brits (or actors who portray them on stage). Spamalot continues its Boston run tonight.