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1200490501They’re playing Romney’s anthem in Michigan: Finally, the former governor gets the gold, beating John McCain handily and not looking a fool for continuing on until Super-Duper Tuesday. [Globe]

Big talk, but no big fights: Mayor Tom Menino arrived to give his State of the City speech without an angry mob of firefighters to greet him. Once inside, the mayor promised he won’t accept a firefighter’s contract that doesn’t require random drug tests. [Herald]

He’s telling you, he’s not going: House Speaker Sal DiMasi held a special meeting with his aides, during which he told them to stop trying to take his job because he’s not leaving. Two high-ranking Democrats had been organizing support in case DiMasi quit. [Globe]

Condo developers will not rest until there are no dive bars left: The Quiet Man, a South Boston dive that was once popular with Big Dig construction workers, is closing to make room for condos. Naturally. [Herald]