The Ron Paul Conspiracy Spreads to Grandma’s

1200582680The internet is a fickle mistress. It gives us so many wonderful things—eBay, blogs, porn—but it can just as easily turn ugly. The Granny Warriors, a group of elderly Ron Paul supporters who we last saw trying to sell the Ron Paul Freedom Wagon, is upset that the anti-Paul conspiracy has spread from the media to the campaign’s beloved internet.

Allegations that PayPal froze the Granny Warriors’ New Hampshire recount funds are starting to circulate around the web.

The application for a recount of the New Hampshire vote required a deposit of $55,600 to the New Hampshire Secretary of State no later than 3:00 P.M. this afternoon, January 15th. A huge and successful effort by the Granny Warriors raised the money and they ordered the transfer to the Secretary. However, at the very last moment, PayPal FROZE THE ACCOUNT and did not transfer the money.

It’s got to be hard living in a political thriller movie all the time. When the powers that be are complicit in the election process, we don’t have to worry that our GMail accounts will be shut down for using the words “Ron” and “Paul” in the same email.

We emailed the people at PayPal to see why the account was frozen, but we imagine they’re inundated with emails from Paul supporters and won’t hear from them for a while. But if we do, we’ll let you know.