The Week That Was

1200580941Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Walker, Texas Ranger vs. The Hair edition)

Romney takes another gold: He wins Michigan but…

…he then takes on the AP: We explain.

Hard to believe: That the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs can’t get The Google.

Menino raises a war chest, while DiMasi raises Cain: It’s the Hill and the Hall Report.

Pats-Chargers: Our panel of experts breaks it all down.

Local Politics

Menino vs. American Idol: The tale of the tape.

We didn’t know there would be this much intrigue: The BFD snubs Hizzoner.

Scenes from the event: Joe Keohane took it all in.

Big Labor picks a fight: On the casino issue.

National Politics

Romney addresses voters concerns: With the mother of one of his staffers.

Walker, Texas Ranger vs. The Hair: Oddly enough, we like Mitt in this one.

The Pats

The Chargers kind of disappointed us: We had such high expectations for inflammatory comments.

Speaking of the Bolts: You know they’re not awful, right?

And then there was this: The Randy Moss accusations. And the documentation.


Paris Hilton to do Harvard: Not like that.

Niedermeyer Dead! Wormer Dead!: Rachael Ray…

Lance Armstrong will run Boston: Because he’s a freaking bad ass that’s why.


Haydn and Handel get bizay: With the RZA, the GZA and Ghostface Killa.

How meta? Very meta.

That’s all for us for this week. If you need us we’ll be holding a vigil outside of Toscanini’s.