Boston: Pretty Good for Babies

1200946054Surveys of American cities are largely useless but give us a way to make ourselves feel good at the expense of other areas. (You suck, Cleveland!) During the past few months, we’ve learned that Boston isn’t a city of drunkards and that we’re not as literate as we think we are.

In the latest nation-wide survey, we find out that Boston is the sixth-best city in the country for women who are expecting.

Fit Pregnancy based its survey on several criteria. Boston got an F for being 20 percent more expensive than the other cities in the survey, which shouldn’t count against us quite so much since the Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that pay is higher than the national average. But the city’s large number of fertility doctors and pediatricians brought us into the top 10.

This year’s finish is slightly disappointing. While we may be able to lord our supremacy over Omaha this year, last year we were the best city in America to have a baby. There’s no explanation as to why our ranking dropped, but we’d guess a Fit Pregnancy editor visited the city on a weekend and got her stroller stuck in a snowdrift. Yet another reason to buy those snow melting machines, Boston.