Mitt Romney Keeps on Rolling

1200929539It was a pretty good weekend for Mitt Romney. After getting into a fight with AP reporter Glen Johnson on Thursday, he confessed that campaign reporters have a crappy job and pulled out a victory in Nevada on Saturday. Now the Fightin’ Mormon turns his attention to the delegate-rich state of Florida.

Former New York mayor and absentee candidate Rudy Giuliani has campaigned tirelessly in the Sunshine State, while Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John McCain stuck to the more traditional method of duking it out in states with early contests. Giuliani hoped his scheme would be crazy enough to work, but his victory there is far from assured.

Recent polls showed McCain, Giuliani, Romney and Mike Huckabee. . . bunched together in the fight for the lead in Florida.

If Giuliani comes away with the win, Romney will still have the most delegates out of the Republican field. But if McCain or Huckabee triumph, he’ll have to limp along until Super Tuesday with the title of Highest Delegate Winner being yanked away from him. Who knew a state full of retirees could cause so much excitement?

The big news from the Silver State is that our boy Ron Paul came in second, his strongest finish yet. Maybe that astrologer in Cambridge was right after all.