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1200942043Not an ideal night to fight a fire: A blaze in downtown Lawrence totaled 14 buildings and left 40 people homeless. Firefighters say the inferno broke out in a club that was undergoing renovations and call it “suspicious.” The Red Cross is accepting donations for the victims. [WCVB,]

Toilet museum goes down the crapper: The American Sanitary Plumbing Museum in Worcester will close in March, but the owner donated his collection of plumbing fixtures and tools to a group that plans to display the exhibit in Watertown. [WBZ]

Is it time to put Bill Clinton out to pasture? Massachusetts senator Ted Kennedy and other leading Democrats have warned Hillary Clinton to call off her husband. Insiders say the former president’s propensity for snapping at the media and sticking his foot in his mouth may outweigh the fundraising power he brings to his wife’s campaign. [Herald]

You may want to save your mountain climb until spring: A man from Tennessee died after he was caught in an avalanche on Mount Washington this weekend. [WHDH]

And here’s what we’ve been up to.

Continued trouble for Toscanini’s: The owner starts a website to solicit donations to pay the ice cream store’s hefty tax bill. No, you won’t get a free pint in return for your charity.

What would a 21-gun salute at sea look like? Find out at the Silvertooth Memorial Reef, the newest innovation in the afterlife.