Metro Restructures, and We Prepare to Grieve

1201027444We feel like the Boston Metro has been here forever. Sure, we remember a time when the jaunty green logo wasn’t around, but in the seven years since the commuting newspaper debuted we’ve grown attached to it.

But now that the paper is eliminating several staff members, we may want to start preparing ourselves for a life without Metro.

In a completely meta media twist, the news of Metro’s restructuring was printed in the Globe, whose parent company owns 49 percent of Metro.

Metro plans to eliminate its Gameday Sox section, a sports editor, the T-Time editor, and about eight sales positions, said the employees.

While the Gameday Sox paper was pretty pointless (people who are walking to Fenway have already commuted there and would rather pay $5 for an actual program) we will miss the T-Time feature. But don’t expect us to storm the Metro offices with our demands until they cut the Daily Kiss! We love that feature.