Whole Foods Ends the Paper or Plastic Question

1201020259Here at Boston Daily, we love green. Not only do we look fabulous in it, but we try our best to do those little things that keep the planet healthy.

Lately, we’ve been feeling pretty guilty about the large pile of plastic shopping bags we obtained at the grocery store. Some outlets have instituted policies where they charge customers for plastic bags or offer a rebate if customers bring their own.

But Whole Foods is taking it all a step further.

The natural food chain announced today that it plans to eliminate all plastic shopping bags in its stores by Earth Day. By doing this, the chain estimates it will keep 100 million plastic bags from entering into the environment between Earth Day and the end of the year alone.

Don’t despair if you don’t have a reusable shopping bag. Whole Foods has declared today “Bring Your Own Bag Day” to prepare its customers for the elimination of plastic bags by Earth Day. Stop by the store today and you can pick up a free reusable bag to prepare for your future shopping trips.

And you impulse shoppers don’t have to worry—the chain will continue to offer its 100 percent recycled paper bags to tote-less customers.