Paris Hilton Creates Drama at Harvard

1201098270Paris Hilton is a magnet for conflict. She fights with her sometimes-BFF Nicole Richie and switches Greek shipping heirs as often most women change their underwear. But she somehow also inspires confrontation in the lives of those around her. The latest victim is our own Harvard University, more specifically the Lampoon and the Hasty Pudding folks.

Last week, word came out that the Harvard Lampoon named Hilton its Woman of the Year. As we read the story, it took us a minute to realize that she wasn’t receiving the Hasty Pudding award, which made us kind of sad. We think she looks her best when surrounded by a bunch of men in drag.

We weren’t the only ones confused by the award. The Hasty Pudding group is livid that the Lampoon is capitalizing on the more famous Harvard method of honoring celebrities.

“It was clearly meant as a jab at our award,” he said, claiming that the Lampoon had originally titled the award, “The Hastiest Pudding of The Year,” but changed it after the Pudding told Lampoon to stop using its name.

“It’s copyright infringement,” said [Hasty Pudding co-producer Joshua] Lachter, who is also a member of The Crimson’s business department. “The Lampoon is not above the law.”

The Lampoon proves that at least one on-campus organization can keep its sense of humor.

“It makes me feel like we should all fall on our swords because we have shirked our duty to maintain the Pudding’s reputation and their status as the number-one-big-chief-award-giving organization on campus,” said Lampoon treasurer Hayes H. Davenport ’08.

Next thing you know the Hasty Pudding people will call the Lampoon a firecrotch.