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1201094460And yet it still leaks: Reports have surfaced that the state will settle with contractors and other companies involved with the Big Dig. Bechtel/Parsons Brickerhoff will return $399 million to the state, with another $50 million coming from smaller companies. [Globe]

The only paper bag we’ve used today is holding our lunch: After seeing Tom Brady in a boot yesterday morning, we’ve calmed down after learning that our quarterback has a mild high ankle sprain. [Herald]

Kids are naturally curious. They’ll probably learn on their own: School districts are feeling the pinch in these tight fiscal times. The cost of operating a school has increased dramatically while state aid is stagnant, resulting in underpaid teachers and fees for services students once took for granted. [Globe]

But that’s not the flashy stuff that gets him votes: Lawmakers are warning Gov. Deval Patrick to stop promising to expand the state’s transportation infrastructure and to instead repair the crumbling roads and bridges we’ve already got. [Herald]

And yet Amy Winehouse continues to live: Young actor Heath Ledger died yesterday afternoon in a Manhattan apartment. Now we’re really going to sob the next time we watch Brokeback Mountain. [Herald, Globe]