Countdown to 42: Brady Out of Practice?

1200929040It’s been a long four days since the Patriots dusted the Chargers and reached the Super Bowl for the fourth time in seven years. In that time we’ve had Tom Brady photographed in a walking boot, and then not. He had flowers. Gisele had flowers. And so on. A long four days.

So when the Pats returned to practice today, a grateful press corps responded by asking… questions about flowers. Oy.

As artfully recapped on Mike Reissgreat blog:

“Every channel I turned to, there it was, magnifying in on the boot,” [Richard] Seymour said. “To me, the good part was the flowers. I wasn’t in on the boot.”

The actual “news” was that Brady was nowhere to be found, either in the locker room or on the practice field during the media portion. Bill Belichick seemed to take delight in the minor media circus by playing it coy when asked about Brady.

Asked if Brady would have a full workload in practice, Belichick said: “We’ll go out there and I don’t know. The injury report will be out next Wednesday, and we’re excited to give that to you. I can’t wait to give that to everybody.”

That drew some laughter by those in the media workroom.

So, is Belichick just having some fun? Was Brady getting treatment instead? Did Gisele not like the arrangement? The mind reels.

Elsewhere in XLII news:

SI’s resident grumpy old man Paul Zimmerman picked the Giants. Among his reasons? He’s still pissed at himself for not picking the Jets to beat the Colts 40+ years ago.

Chad Finn’s terrific blog, Touching All The Bases, makes the very wise argument against equating the Patriots with the 1990 Buffalo Bills and the 2001 St. Louis Rams. The teams that did slow down those offensive juggernauts were both coached by the same guy, and here’s a hint: it wasn’t Tom Coughlin.

Osi Umenyiora said Matt Light was mean, and the Herald decided to declare “war” on New York for reasons known only to them.