Further Updates From Grandpa Whitey

1201186866In the 13 years James “Whitey” Bulger has been on the run, he’s become a Elvis-like figure to Bostonians. Yes, he should be brought to justice, but in this new century he’s become primarily tabloid fodder. Occasionally a picture that may or may not be him surfaces, and some Italian cops nab a retired Irishman who just wanted to see Perugia.

The FBI takes another shot (pun intended) at capturing the mobster, this time by releasing tapes of his voice.

Authorities hope that by hearing the Whitey’s voice, people won’t have to go on sight alone. The authorities also released video of Bulger walking around so people can get an idea of his mannerisms. (You can check out all the multimedia goodness here.)

To us, Whitey sounds like any guy who grew up in Boston. His speech is peppered with “pahks” and “Chaahlies” and isn’t really that unusual. But maybe it will register with a Frenchman who hears “bonsoiah” coming from an Irish guy wearing pants that are a bit too small.