Countdown to 42: Still No Brady

1200929040With a little over a week to go until the Patriots meet their destiny, the big story—the only story—is the continuing absence of Tom Brady from practice. Brady was not in the locker room during the media portion, nor was he on the field while the nattering nabobs of negativity were observing.

When asked if Brady would be making an appearance, Bill Belichick said: “Not now. We’ll see.”

So, at what point does Brady’s absence become troubling? In Arizona? Five minutes before kickoff?

Mike Reiss continues to provide the best up-to-the-minute observations in Reiss Pieces. Among them: Free-spirited wide receiver Donte Stallworth told the press that without Brady, the Pats were putting him at quarterback and were going to run the option. Tom Osborne, Stallworth said, was on the way.

Maybe Belichick should call his pal Urban Meyer and run a full spread option instead.

In other XLII news:

Randy Moss will not be appearing in a Florida courtroom Monday for a hearing over the restraining order that has been filed against him. Moss’ lawyer told ESPN that they would agree to extend the order, and then added this helpful nugget: “The judge will set a hearing [date] and Randy will appear. Then we’ll deal with the substance, which is bulls—.”

Giants guard Rich Seubert, suffering from a sprained MCL says he will play.

Super-sized running back Brandon Jacobs is not really ticked about the finger in face Vince Wilfork supplied in their previous meeting.

Also, our friends at Bostonist are running a poll regarding Brady’s alleged use of hair plugs in his Stetson ad. If nothing else, ladies (and fellas too), they’ve got a picture of a shirtless quarterback.

If anything actually happens, we’ll let you know.