The Week That Was

1201021738Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Walking Boot edition)

It began with a boot: A walking boot to be exact. Then there wasn’t a boot, but there were flowers. But still no Brady. What gives?

Feud No. 1: First, Sal DiMasi called out Deval Patrick. Then the governor’s budget received less-than-stellar reviews. Finally, Patrick got in a shot of his own.

Feud No. 2: The Metro told us that a report in the Globe was bogus. And the Metro further responded with a report that royally ticked off the broadsheet. This will be fun.


Mitt Romney lets the dogs out: That’s it. We can’t follow that with a joke.


Johnny Damon endorses Rudy: Of course he does.

Whole Foods finally answers the question that has plagued humanity: Paper.

Posh Spice will be coming to Boston: We were kind of hoping for Sporty.


Paris Hilton ignites long-simmering tensions between Lampoon, Hasty Pudding: How will we ever choose sides in this one?

The red-bellied cooter will not come between us and the blackjack table: Nice try environmentalists.


Someone broke into Romney’s office: Again.

We love this Somerville guy: Maybe he can hook up Chuck Turner next time it snows.


Dear Herald: Please stop.

Who wants to be the next Fonzworth Bentley? In these trying times this might be the best employment option for recent graduates who majored in coffee fetching.

Alpha Omega on the block: Everything must go!

That’s all for us for this week. If you need us we’ll be bringing flowers to our supermodel girlfriend in a walking boot. Yeah, probably not.